Department of Environment,
Science & Technology
Government of Himachal Pradesh

Notifications, Acts & Rules, Instructions

Ban on "Thermocols Cutlery" in HP (No. STE-F(9)-1/2018 dated 6/7/2018)
Model Eco-Village Scheme Guidelines (No. STE-A(3)-4/2016-L dated 26/9/2017) [DOWNLOAD BOOKLET]
Himachal Pradesh Environment Leadership Awards (No. STE-A(3)-4/2016 dated November 11, 2016)
Instructions to Industrial Units dealing with Hazardous Chemicals, District Administrations and Concerned Agencies
Himachal Pradesh Biotechnology Policy-2014 (No. STE-A(l)-2/2008-I dated December 20, 2014)
SEIAA & SEAC Notification 2014
Setting up of Brick Kiln vide Notification No. STE-E(5)-6/2013 dated 07/03/2014
Stone Crusher Units in HP (Notifications):
GoI Office Memorandum about Accredition of DIA Consultants with Quality Council of India/ National Accreditation Board of Education and Training - Clarifications to the issues raised (No. J-11013/77/2004-1A II(1) dated 28-5-1010)
GoHP Notification on State Level Governing Council on Climate Change (No. STE-F[1]-12/2008 dated 29-8-2008)
GoHP Notification to declare Department of Environment, Science and Technology as Nodal agency (No. STE-F91)-12/2008-Carbon Credits dt. 19-9-2008)
GoHP Notification Environment Fund (No. STE-F(4)-3/2008 dt. 4-11-2008)
State Council for Climate Change
Ban on Polythene Bags in HP (Notifications)
Noise Pollution (No. EDN [S&T]-A(3) 1/2000 Dated: 31-10-2003)
Roof-top Rain Water Harvesting D.D. No. EDN(S&T) A(3)4/98 Jan, 1999
Commercial Hoardings No. EDN(S&T)A(4)-2/2000, 3.5.2003
SEIAA & SEAC Notification, 2011 
SEIAA & SEAC Notification, 2007 
EIA Notification, 2006
EIA Notification, 1994 
National Green tribunal act, 2010
Himachal Pradesh Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 1995
Environment (PROTECTION) ACT, 1986
Himachal Pradesh Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Rules, 1996
Environment (PROTECTION) RULES, 1986


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